Be an Informed Investor

Once you have set your personal financial goals and selected a financial adviser your next step is to decide what to invest in. The same investments do not work for everyone.  A registered adviser can help you assess your financial needs, goals and tax situation. They can also help you build a portfolio and recommend suitable investments for you.

Being an informed investor means never investing in something that you don't fully understand and never signing documents that you have not read carefully. Always ask the following questions before you buy:

  • How will the investment make money? Does it pay interest or dividends? Does it have the potential to go up in value? If so, what needs to happen for it to go up in value?
  • What are the total fees to buy, hold and sell the investment? Are there any penalties or fees if I have to sell the investment quickly or before its maturity date?
  • What are the specific risks? Could I lose some or all of my investment?
  • How easy would it be to sell if I needed my money right away?
  • Does the investment fit with my goals and risk tolerance?