2023: The year of SEDAR+

Happy New Year and welcome back. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and were able to enjoy some time to relax. We are kicking off the most important year yet for SEDAR+, as we prepare to launch the new system on June 13, 2023.

The next six months will bring significant changes for all of us. Retiring SEDAR and moving to the web-based SEDAR+ is an important and exciting step for Canada’s capital markets. It’s a huge undertaking and there will almost certainly be bumps in the road. We are ready, and we are here to help along the way.

2022 reflections

2022 was a significant year for SEDAR+. We worked closely with key stakeholders to understand their needs and challenges related to the transition to SEDAR+ and some of the new features and functions. We shared videos that take you inside parts of the new system and we provided Pilot participants access to an early version. You helped us identify pain points and we adjusted our plans to help provide a positive experience for Canada’s capital markets.

The year ended with an important milestone, as we invited SEDAR subscribing organizations to begin their transition to SEDAR+. SEDAR primary contacts for each organization received detailed instructions about the steps they must take to gain access to SEDAR+ when it launches in June.

All foundational steps that have led us to where we are today.

Onboarding window now open

Onboarding window now opened

On January 3, we opened the SEDAR+ Onboarding window. Between now and April 14, organizations can submit the legal agreements and information required to gain access to SEDAR+ when it launches. Hundreds of organizations have already signed up to participate in this pre-launch Onboarding process and have started preparing and submitting their documents.

We know this will be a heavy lift, particularly for those who file on behalf of multiple issuers. We would like to thank everyone who has submitted questions and attended our information sessions. Your engagement is crucial to the success of the SEDAR+ Transition. We are learning from your input and adjusting our plans as needed. We are also planning a series of sessions that will take a deeper dive into the Onboarding process. If you are a primary contact or have already been listed by your organization as an Onboarding contact, watch your inbox for a message from the CSA Service Desk with the registration links.

To learn more about the Onboarding steps and requirements, please visit the new SEDAR+ section of the CSA website. Additionally, if you think you are a SEDAR primary contact but haven’t received the invitation to sign up for Onboarding, please contact SEDAR+ Support.

Learning Centre coming next month

As organizations complete the steps required to gain access to SEDAR+, individuals will soon be able to start learning how to use the new system. The SEDAR+ Learning Centre goes live in February, providing access to a catalogue of step-by-step videos on a variety of subjects.

We know people are eager to learn more about the system and how it will change your personal and organizational workflows. The Learning Centre’s on-demand videos will provide important insight into the new functionality so you can start making the necessary plans and adjustments to your internal practices.

Along with the Learning Centre, you will be able to register for a series of training events leading up to the launch of SEDAR+ in June. Watch for the February edition of this newsletter for event details, including topics, dates and registration links.

We are here to help

You will likely have questions. We appreciate this will be a lot of work for a lot of people. We understand there may be challenges. You can rest assured that we are listening, and our team is here to help.

Our FAQs are regularly updated based on your questions. If you don’t find answers online, please reach out to SEDAR+ Support by email or telephone.

We are in this together, now and into the future. In June, we will launch more than a new IT system. We will take an important step toward our long-term vision of one integrated home for Canada’s securities filings and information.

David Fountain, CSA – Chief Information Officer

We look forward to working with you throughout the transition to SEDAR+ in 2023 and beyond.

Thank you, 

January 2023
Information provided is accurate at time of publication.