Exception Reporting (NI 24-101)

Part 4 of National Instrument 24-101 Institutional Trade Matching and Settlement requires registrants in certain circumstances to complete and deliver Form 24-101F1 Registrant Exception Report of DAP/RAP Trade Reporting and Matching to the applicable securities regulatory authority. The Form must be delivered if less than a percentage target of the DAP/RAP trades (measured by volume or value) executed by the registrant (if a dealer) or for the registrant (if an adviser) in any given calendar quarter have matched within the time required by the Instrument. Please see Part 10 of the Instrument or Part 7 of the related Companion Policy for transition dates, relevant timelines and percentages.

If you have any questions about the Instrument or how to complete and submit the Form, please contact the applicable securities regulatory authority (click here for a list of contacts) (Acrobat11KB PDF).

How to submit the Form online

You can complete an electronic version of the Form and submit it to the applicable securities regulatory authority through this website (Service). When you successfully submit a Form using the Service a copy of the Form showing a submission ID number and a date and time stamp will show up on your screen. Print this copy of the Form and have it signed by the director, officer or partner submitting the Form and keep the signed Form for your records.

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Note that the link to the form has recently been modified. Please use the following link to access the form.

If the Form, Service or website is unavailable

You are still responsible for delivering a completed Form in accordance with the Instrument. Complete the Form and deliver it as described in Part 3 of Companion Policy 24-101CP within the time frame required by Part 4 of the Instrument.

  • Click here to print a blank Form 24-101F1 (Acrobat18KB PDF).
  • Click on the contact list (Acrobat11KB PDF) for the fax numbers and email addresses of the applicable securities regulatory authorities.


The Form and the Service are provided as a non-commercial public service and may be used only for complying with the requirements of the Instrument. The Form and the Service are made available through this website for convenience only. They are provided “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” without any representations, warranties or conditions, whether express or implied, including warranties or conditions of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Registrants are solely responsible for their use of the Form and the submission of a Form through the Service.

The securities regulatory authorities and their respective members, commissioners, officers, staff, agents and service providers are not responsible or liable for the unavailability of the Form, the Service or the website, for any errors or omissions of any kind which may occur through a registrant’s use of the Form, the Service or the website, or for any damages which may arise from a registrant’s use of the Form, the Service or the website.