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Getting Started

Investing basics: Getting started (AcrobatPDF)
Investments at a glance (AcrobatPDF)
Financial Concerns Checklist (AcrobatPDF)
Understanding mutual funds (AcrobatPDF)
Buying a Mutual Fund ? Tip #1 - Know the Risks  CSA/ACVM YouTube Channel
Buying a Mutual Fund ? Tip #2 - Know the Fees  CSA/ACVM YouTube Channel
Buying a Mutual Fund ? Tip #3 - Know its past performance  CSA/ACVM YouTube Channel
Types of Crowdfunding (AcrobatPDF)
Risks of Crowdfunding (AcrobatPDF)
What is Cryptocurrency? (AcrobatPDF)
What is an ICO? (AcrobatPDF)
What are Initial Coin Offerings? YouTube
What is Cryptocurrency? YouTube
What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Trading  YouTube
Thinking about investing in an ETF? CSA/ACVM YouTube Channel
Make sure ETFs work for you CSA/ACVM YouTube Channel  

Working with an Adviser

Questions to ask when choosing a financial adviser (AcrobatPDF)
Working with a financial adviser (AcrobatPDF)
Check before you invest - workbook (AcrobatPDF)
Understanding Registration - guide (AcrobatPDF)
Know What to Expect from Your Registered Investment Adviser CSA/ACVM YouTube Channel
Know What You Pay When You Buy or Sell an Investment CSA/ACVM YouTube Channel  
Know Your Investment Account Performance  CSA/ACVM YouTube Channel
Know the Cost of Your Registered Investment Adviser CSA/ACVM YouTube Channel

Frauds & Scams

Investment fraud on the Internet (AcrobatPDF)
Protect your money: Avoiding frauds and scams (AcrobatPDF)
Scam artists pursue adults over 50 (AcrobatPDF)
"Boiler room" scams - Could you be vulnerable? (AcrobatPDF)
NEW - A Losing Bet: Binary Options (AcrobatPDF)
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For Young Investors

Investments 101 - for youth (AcrobatPDF)

Family Finances

Sandwich Generation: Are you caught in the middle? (AcrobatPDF)

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