Setting Goals

Everyone has a different idea of what money means to them. Having a financial plan can help you get where you want to be.

Your financial plan should take into account any current investments, your knowledge of financial markets, your tolerance for risk, how much you plan to invest and your overall investment objectives.

Set personal investment goals

Start by taking some time to set out your investment goals. Look at the big picture. How do you see yourself down the road? Set financial goals by writing down what you want to accomplish and by when.

Helpful Tools:

Investing Basics: Getting Started (AcrobatPDF) – Get important tips to help you get started or to sharpen your investing knowledge.

Working with an Adviser (AcrobatPDF) – You may want to work with a professional to set your goals and complete a financial plan. Learn how to choose a financial adviser and make the most of the relationship.

NEW - Financial Concerns Checklist - Don’t be at risk of elder financial abuse. This checklist will help you start a conversation if you are concerned about the financial well‐being of your parents or a senior close to you, or if you suspect they may be suffering financial abuse. (AcrobatPDF)