Contacting the CSA Service Desk: Making a More Effective Request for Technical Assistance

The CSA Service Desk is available to provide you with assistance when you encounter technical problems with the NRD system.

  • If you have difficulty accessing the system, or receive unexplained error messages, you should contact the CSA Service Desk for assistance.

    Phone: 1-800-219-5381
  • For questions about the registration process in general, please contact the registration staff at your regulator.

The CSA Service Desk staff needs to have specific information about your technical problem in order to respond to your request quickly and effectively. If possible, please gather the following information before making your inquiry:

  1. your user ID (not the password);
  2. submission number;
  3. the NRD # of both the firm and individual involved;
  4. a description of what action you were taking when the error occurred, including what screen you were using, and the function you were trying to perform (e.g. entering data, searching, etc);
  5. the time and date when the error occurred;
  6. a detailed description of the error message. If possible, use your computer’s “print screen” function to print the error message screen.

If you are e-mailing the CSA Service Desk, please ensure your message includes your contact name and phone number.