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SEDAR+ Timeline and Implementation Benefits of SEDAR+ SEDAR+ and System Users

Sedar_Icon_4C   SEDAR+ Timeline and Implementation

What are the CSA’s plans to renew its existing national systems?

The CSA is developing an integrated and comprehensive records filing system (named SEDAR+) to modernize its existing national systems. These include:

  • System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR)
  • System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI)
  • Cease-Trade Order Database (CTO)
  • National Registration Database (NRD)
  • National Registration Search (NRS)
  • Disciplined List (DL)
  • Various filings currently made in paper format or in local electronic filing systems

When completed, SEDAR+ will be a web-based portal that will function as a single point of contact between all national systems and provide easier access for filers and investors alike.

Why change the existing national systems?

Renewing the CSA’s national filing systems is in direct response to feedback received from market participants. The CSA is working to improve user experience by implementing a modern system that better responds to current and future needs.

What is the implementation timeline?

To ensure a smooth transition, SEDAR+ will be rolled out in phases. The first phase is expected to launch in 2021. All stakeholders will receive information about transitional activities in advance of the launch date.

The CSA’s focus is to ensure the Renewed System will operate smoothly and minimize impact on filers.

What will the phases cover?

The first phase will replace SEDAR, the CTO Database, the Disciplined List and certain filings made in paper format or in local electronic filing systems. Accordingly, filings made by issuers, including foreign issuers, will be incorporated into SEDAR+ in the first phase, with some exceptions.

Future phases of SEDAR+ will address; filings from insiders; filings from derivatives market participants; filings from regulated entities such as marketplaces, self-regulatory bodies and clearing agencies; the NRD.

The CSA’s existing national systems will also be decommissioned in phases, ensuring a smooth transition with the new system, and minimizing any impact on market participants. Once complete, SEDAR+ will be the official system for filings throughout Canada, and largely consolidate all CSA filings.

Sedar_Icon_4C   Benefits of SEDAR+

What will be different?

SEDAR+ will have several improved features, including an enhanced interface, better search capabilities, improved usability, increased speed and enhanced cybersecurity.

Phase 1 will include web-forms, specifically, RED and Participation Fee forms for the ASC and OSC. In future phases, the CSA plans to incorporate more web-forms and move to programmatic interfaces (APIs) for filings where possible.

SEDAR+will also provide user notifications to confirm successful submission of filings and when a decision/order/receipt is posted.

Will the new system have better search capability and web-based forms?

SEDAR+ will have improved search capabilities, including the ability to search PDFs.  

Phase 1 includes some web-forms, specifically, RED and Participation Fee forms for the ASC and OSC. In future phases, the CSA plans to incorporate more web-forms and to move to programmatic interfaces (API’s) for filings where possible. 

What will happen to historical, current and on-going filings?

The CSA is currently working on a plan to migrate historical filings and will implement a transitional process to move ongoing filings to SEDAR+. 

How do I prepare for SEDAR+?

Users of the system such as market participants and investors will be informed of the changes, the information needed to access and use SEDAR+, and what will be required of them ahead of the launch.

Will support services will be offered for SEDAR+?

Market participants will be notified on how to register for training, obtain information, and generally prepare for migration to SEDAR+.

Technical support will also be available throughout the entire migration process and launch. This support will continue as part of the SEDAR+ mandate.

Will my fees for filing change?

The CSA has published two notices for comment that propose a new system fee structure and filing requirements. The notices regarding National Instrument 13-103 [System Replacement Rule] and amendments to Multilateral Instrument 13-102 System Fees for SEDAR and NRD can be found on the websites of participating jurisdictions.

Further information on how to pay your filings will become available as transitional activities are rolled out and the existing EDI payment system is replaced. 

Will the new system provide user notifications to confirm successful submission and approval of exemptive relief?

SEDAR+ will provide user notifications to confirm successful submission of filings and when a decision/order/receipt is posted.


Sedar_Icon_4C   SEDAR+ and System Users

How will SEDAR+ affect my day-to-day filing?

Regulatory requirements to file and report will not change. Only the system interface will change.

All relevant information regarding the access to your account and filings will be made available through the training and transitional activities before the launch of SEDAR+.

How will this affect investors who use the systems?

Investors will be redirected to SEDAR+ as part of the CSA’s transitional activities. Investors seeking information and/or related disciplinary actions on public companies, firms and/or individuals (issuers & registrants) will be able to search through SEDAR+ and easily access this information through one portal.

Will registrants be able to consolidate their fillings?

SEDAR+ will allow registrants to consolidate their filings within all of the current CSA systems, but non-CSA filings will not be part of the new portal.

Registrants who makes issuer-type filings (or anyone who is exempt from registration but is recorded on NRD) will be able to include their NRD numbers to help consolidate their filings on SEDAR+.

In Phase I of the Program this will include: underwriters who make exempt distributions; Investment Fund Managers who operate fund issuers; corporate issuers who are registrants; applicants for exemptive relief who will be seeking relief under issuer and registrant regulations.

Will stakeholders be engaged in the testing phase of the new system?

The CSA is working on responding to feedback on its existing systems to improve market participants’ filing experiences and offer investors better access to disclosure information. Note that all upgrades undergo extensive testing by our IT teams.

Initial user experience feedback was sought from a select and representative set of users prior to further system configuration. 

Additional user experience feedback is planned. You can check our website and/or subscribe to our distribution list and signal your interest.

Who will manage SEDAR+?

As with all current national systems, the CSA will manage the SEDAR+ web-based system. Part of the CSA’s mandate is to enhance the national IT systems and to ensure that Canadian issuers, registrants and investors have a simpler, secure and efficient way to file and access their documents.


Market participants and investors are encouraged to monitor the CSA website for any updates regarding this project and to subscribe to a distribution list through the CSA’s SEDAR+ Landing Page. Sign up here to stay up-to-date about the progress of the project.