SEDAR+ Training and Resources

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As with any new technology, there is a SEDAR+ learning curve for organizations and individual users. You have access to the resources and support you need to enable as smooth a transition as possible, and a positive experience with SEDAR+.

SEDAR+ Experience Guides

SEDAR+ is more intuitive to use, has better search functionality and provides an integrated view of issuer information compared to SEDAR. These guides give an overview of key differences between the legacy system and SEDAR+.

SEDAR+ Search videos

SEDAR+ provides robust search options for public users. For a quick overview of the new search tool, watch our short how-to videos:

How to search by issuer
How to find the latest filings

Fee calculation errors and workarounds

SEDAR+ introduces automatic fee calculation, which is a time-saving feature for filing organizations. There are, however, a few known instances where the system is not calculating fees accurately. Please review the document below for details and the workarounds that are in place.

READ: Information regarding known fee calculation errors and workarounds

SEDAR uninstall guide

SEDAR can now be safely uninstalled from filers computers by following the instructions found in the Guide to uninstalling SEDAR.

Please note:

  • Some filers may have a dedicated site-to-site VPN tunnel to connect to the SEDAR server which may require their network team to disable it properly.   
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) payments are not required for SEDAR+ and EDI services can be cancelled if they were only used to pay SEDAR filing fees.

READ: Guide to uninstalling SEDAR.

Quick guide for Reports of Exempt Distribution

Report of Exempt Distribution (RED) filings previously completed on SEDAR, electronic portals or as paper filings are now all completed on SEDAR+. This quick guide provides an overview of key changes to be aware of and known issues that we are working to resolve, along with detailed instructions and workarounds.

READ: Quick guide for Reports of Exempt Distribution

Learning events

Since December 2022, the SEDAR+ team has held several information sessions to help filing organizations through the transition process. These interactive, virtual sessions will help you build comfort around SEDAR+.

Examples of topics include:

  • New SEDAR+ account requirements and processes
  • How to file in SEDAR+
  • How to use web forms
  • Investment fund filings
  • Readiness: Key steps to take before and after launch
  • Q&A with subject matter experts

See our schedule of upcoming events and watch recordings of past events.

SEDAR+ Learning Centre

The SEDAR+ Learning Centre hosts an extensive catalogue of step-by-step videos on a variety of topics. Search the on-demand courses by user type, topic and/or keywords. Accessible to all filers and public users, the Learning Centre is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The SEDAR+ Learning Centre hosts an extensive catalogue of on-demand videos.

SEDAR+ Help Centre

The SEDAR+ Help Centre hosts helpful how-to resources and information about the new system’s features and functionality. The articles and instructions will be a valuable resource for anyone who is using SEDAR+ to search or file and needs support along the way. 

The SEDAR+ Help Centre hosts valuable information and resources on a variety of topics.

SEDAR+ Events

Register for an upcoming event, or watch recordings of previous webinars.

SEDAR+ Transition Digest

Read past editions of SEDAR+ Transition Digest for helpful links and resources