Investor Alerts

Here, you can consult CSA member investor alerts. The list is intended to assist the public and the securities industry in conducting due diligence. The subjects of these alerts are persons or companies who appear to be engaging in securities activities that may pose a risk to investors.

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Name Issued By Issued Date
Fin Tech Platform OSC (ON) FCNB (NB)
Trade-X Foundation BCSC (BC)
Alphas BCSC (BC)
Wasixcap ASC (AB)
TrendinGAP ASC (AB)
PU Prime ASC (AB)
MarketsXpress ASC (AB)
InvestusPro ASC (AB)
InvestPoint ASC (AB)
Hash Trade Alliance ASC (AB)
Gold Capital Investments ASC (AB)
Fintoch App ASC (AB)
CryptoProgram ASC (AB)
Audemars Group ASC (AB)
Metaverse Foreign Exchange Group Inc. OSC (ON)
GCI Online Trading aka GCI Financial Ltd. OSC (ON)
Sophie Financial Trading Capital Pty aka Sophie Capital Financial Trading Ltd. OSC (ON)
Nexus LLC aka Invest Point OSC (ON)
Trendex OSC (ON)
Bull and Bear Trading Group aka Bull&Bear Trading Group OSC (ON)
Goldberry Co. OSC (ON)
Gammaron OSC (ON)
Showing results 145-168 of 2153 Investor Alerts