Have you ever considered how much of our lives are devoted to earning and saving money? That lifetime of savings needs to be protected from potential investment fraud and scams. Now's a great time to learn more about how investment frauds happen and how you can protect your investments. The CSA has resources to help you understand how to detect potential scams and report fraudulent activities. Explore this section to find resources on how to check registration, avoid fraud, and connect with your local securities regulator.

Investing Basics

Working With Your Adviser

Know where you're going with your investments

Set financial goals and understand your risk tolerance.

Know who you're dealing with

Choose a financial adviser and make the most of the relationship.

Understanding Your Investments

Avoiding and Reporting Fraud

Know what you're
investing in

Be an informed investor about different types of investments and the costs and risks involved.

Know the Red Flags
of Fraud

Protect your money - learn to recognize, avoid and report

Young Investors


Investing 101

Become financially fit with these online, classroom and family finance resources.

Free downloadable resources

Our guides can help you learn even more about investing.