NRD System Fees

Effective June 9, 2023, the CSA repealed and replaced Multilateral Instrument 13-102 System Fees for SEDAR and NRD to implement a flat-fee model, rather than the current model where system fees are based on the number of jurisdictions where documents are filed. The model has been designed to reflect the costs of using the new system, allow for future enhancements, and reduce the administrative burden for market participants. NRD and NRD enrolment forms have been updated to reflect the new system fee structure, which include the elimination of NRD enrolment fees.
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NRD system fees are intended to cover the cost of operating and enhancing NRD. All system fees are calculated and collected by the NRD system via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

This page includes information about the following kinds of NRD system fees:

  • NRD Submission Fee
  • Annual NRD System Fee

Note: Starting October 12, 2013, as per Multilateral Instrument 13-102, NRD system fees are payable to securities regulatory authorities, and consequently these fees are exempt from taxation.

NRD Submission Fee

NRD system fee is payable upon occurrence of either of the following:

  • initial registration;
  • reactivation of registration.

The amount of the system fee is $86 for each Form 33-109F4 submitted for each individual applying for registration or review as a permitted individual in the principal jurisdiction.

Regulatory fees are calculated in addition to these amounts.

Annual NRD System Fee

The amount of the annual NRD user fee is $86 for each registrant or permitted individual in the principal jurisdiction.

Annual NRD system fees are due on December 31 of each year as a payment for the following year.

Regulatory Fees

Fees that are legislated for registration activities are also calculated and collected through the NRD system via EFT. They vary across jurisdictions. Please contact your regulator for information on regulatory fees.