Investor Alerts

Here, you can consult CSA member investor alerts. The list is intended to assist the public and the securities industry in conducting due diligence. The subjects of these alerts are persons or companies who appear to be engaging in securities activities that may pose a risk to investors.

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Name Issued By Issued Date
International Derivatives Group BCSC (BC)
Fxtradex BCSC (BC)
aGifttoken NSSC (NS)
Neil Suresh Chandran OSC (ON)
RTG Direct Trading Group OSC (ON)
Software and Media Ltd. BoxInvesting OSC (ON)
TRSystem Limited, CFDS100, and CCLR Solutions Limited. OSC (ON)
Weizhen Tang MSC (MB)
Bit Sale AMF (QC)
FSM Smart Ltd. OSC (ON)
Monetix Services financiers AMF (QC)
Weizhen Tang NSSC (NS)
LM Swiss Direct Ltd. BCSC (BC)
Fraud AMF (QC)
Weizhen Tang OSC (ON)
United Financial Commodity Group OSC (ON)
BTM Global Investment BCSC (BC)
HB Global BCSC (BC)
WiseBanc OSC (ON)
Major Options Investment BCSC (BC)
Trader Platinum MSC (MB)
EasyMarkets AMF (QC)
Stone Capital Partners and Bania Technologies Online Ltd. BCSC (BC)
Showing results 1393-1416 of 1904 Investor Alerts