Password Expiry

StatusIssue identified. Instructions available.
PostedSeptember 7, 2023
Expected resolutionTo be determined

September 7, 2023

SEDAR+ passwords expire every 45 days. There are currently no email notifications to users when passwords are about to expire. If your user account was activated in July, the first week SEDAR+ was live, please reset your password (instructions below).

When you attempt to log in with an expired password, you will receive the error message depicted below.  A user who attempts to log in five times in a row unsuccessfully will be locked out of the system and will require Service Desk support for a password reset.

How to reset your password:

  • If you can login to SEDAR+, you can reset your own password at any time either from your dashboard or by viewing your user details.
  • If your attempt to login to SEDAR+ is unsuccessful, on the login page click ‘Forgot password’ and follow the steps. You will receive a code by email to reset your password.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: the code is only valid for 60 minutes and cannot be requested a second time through the system. Be sure to complete your password reset within 60 minutes.

Please contact the CSA Service Desk if you are still having password problems after following these instructions.