Register for a SEDAR+ account

Refer to the SEDAR+ System Status page for operating hours.

Self-filers, filing agents and Investment Fund Managers who did not participate in the pre-launch Onboarding process must register for a SEDAR+ account using the online forms in the system. Each issuer’s organizational account information must be submitted during the registration process, as well as all required legal agreements.

How to register for a SEDAR+ account:

  1. Select ‘Register to file’ in the top-right corner of the SEDAR+ home page and complete the registration process.
  2. Provide the required information and attach a signed and authorized Electronic Filer Agreement (EFA)
  3. Be sure to take note of the assigned Authorized Super User (ASU) username as it will not be emailed to you.

WATCH: Request initial access to SEDAR+


Note: If your organization does not allow downloads of ZIP files, please click here to download individual documents.

To help you prepare for the registration process, we encourage you to review the required legal agreements and start gathering the information your organization will need to open a SEDAR+ account. These administrative legal agreements govern the use of the SEDAR+ system along with the account and issuer data stored in it.

Why are new agreements required for SEDAR+?

As is standard practice with software programs and web-based platforms, each CSA national system requires formal acceptance of legal terms before providing login credentials for registered users.

SEDAR+ is a new web-based system, thus there are new legal agreements specific to SEDAR+ that must be completed to gain access to the system.

Every issuer, filer and filing agent must complete at least one of the following agreements and submit them in SEDAR+.

Please note the SEDAR+ legal agreements have been updated in order to meet certain requirements under Quebec’s Bill 96, an Act representing French, the official and common language of Quebec. These updated documents must be used for all legal agreements dated and signed on or after June 1, 2023.

  • Electronic Filer Agreement (EFA) – for ALL organizations that file in SEDAR+
    Complete and submit online in SEDAR+

    The EFA must be completed and submitted by every organization that files information in SEDAR+, including issuers using filing agent(s). An EFA is required to set up issuer profiles and to submit issuer filings.

    Investment Fund Managers need to complete only one EFA to cover all funds, not one EFA for each fund.
  • Filing Agent Authorization Form (FAAF) – for issuers and investment funds that use filing agent(s)
    Complete and submit online in SEDAR+

    The FAAF is a new requirement, which must be completed by issuers who use a filing agent, or multiple filing agents. This agreement grants the filing agent(s) permission to submit specific types of filings in SEDAR+ on the issuer’s behalf.
  • Account and issuer profile information
    Gather now and enter into SEDAR+ using the online form

    During the registration process in SEDAR+, organizations must provide account and issuer profile information. Some information is required in SEDAR+ which was not previously required in SEDAR. This data is needed to enable some of the new filing and regulatory features and functionality of the system.

For Investment Fund Managers (IFMs)
IFMs must create either a Company or Third Party profile (as applicable) which is required to link to your migrated SEDAR fund group profiles and associated funds.

IFMs or their filing agent(s) must then set up independent profiles for each fund group, which can then be linked to this IFM profile. Individual fund profiles are then linked to the fund group profile, just as they were in SEDAR.