July 2023

The final stretch: SEDAR+ goes live next week

We are about to introduce a significant change for Canada’s capital markets. It’s time to say goodbye to some of our old National Systems and begin a new era with SEDAR+. The CSA and its members are here to help – learn about some of the helpful resources we have created to support you with the changes to come. 

Four things you need to know about the SEDAR+ cutover and launch

SEDAR+ goes live on July 25, 2023. The process of retiring existing systems and launching SEDAR+ is complex. Read about some of the most important aspects of what we call the ‘cutover’, and the introduction of SEDAR+ to Canada’s capital markets.  

How to search for issuer information in SEDAR+

The way you access issuer profiles and filings is changing with the launch of SEDAR+. Learn where to find the information you need when SEDAR+ launches next week.