Get ready for SEDAR+

We are in the homestretch of another Canadian winter, and every month that passes brings us closer to the launch of SEDAR+. Organizations are working through pre-launch Onboarding and all future users can start learning how to use SEDAR+ when the Learning Centre goes live.

Onboarding: Keep it coming

We are more than halfway through the Onboarding window and pleased with the engagement of filing organizations so far. Since the window opened on January 3, about half of SEDAR subscribing organizations have signed up for SEDAR+ Onboarding.

If you are in the other half and haven’t yet signed up to participate in the pre-launch Onboarding process, don’t delay. This pre-launch process is the only way your organization can have SEDAR+ filing access on June 13.

If you miss this opportunity, your organization will be able to register for a SEDAR+ account once the system is live. These requests will follow the standard process for setting up a new account, which has some additional steps.

The SEDAR+ team is here to help filing organizations through every step. We’ve created the SEDAR+ Information Site, opened the SEDAR+ Support Desk and held eight virtual information sessions.

Onboarding is a new process for a new system that has new requirements. Based on your questions and support needs, we added new information sessions tailored for different filing organization types. We have walked hundreds of participants through the Onboarding process, with our experts on hand to answer questions. 

Recordings of these sessions, presentation slides and the Q&A Summary can be found on our Events page. It’s also where you’ll find listings of future events.

We recognize and appreciate the time and effort that each and every one of you is taking to get ready. We remain committed to providing strong support throughout your transition to SEDAR+.

Training: Visit the SEDAR+ Learning Centre

I am pleased to share that the SEDAR+ Learning Centre will soon go live. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Learning Centre hosts a catalogue of learning on demand course videos that provide guidance to filers and investors on how to use SEDAR+.

A note for filers: As you complete the courses, you’ll notice your organization may need to make some adjustments to internal processes to match the new workflow in SEDAR+. Be sure to read the article “Four important SEDAR+ facts for filers” featured in this newsletter.

Finally, I encourage you to visit the SEDAR+ Information Site. It’s the main source for SEDAR+ information and is updated regularly – so make it your first stop for the latest about the SEDAR+ Transition, including Onboarding, Training, Launch and more.

As preparation for SEDAR+ continues, please stay engaged. Stay informed. And, as we patiently await spring in Canada, stay warm.

David Fountain, CSA – Chief Information Officer

March 2023 – Information provided is accurate at time of publication.